C3. Frosted Edge

25 Aug

Objective: Survive for 11 mins 40 secs

With the right fire power on the top horizontal line you can make short work of the attacking enemies.

Having two fully upgraded laser towers blasting down the line will destroy just about all the enemies coming at you.

I build three scout towers in the early stages if the game while I upgraded my laser tower.

I also used slow towers to help keep the enemies in the firing line of the laser towers.









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One response to “C3. Frosted Edge

  1. Flawless

    30/12/2012 at 04:02

    This level can be completed easily on hard mode by placing 2 fully upgraded splash towers next to the right-most scout tower. The rocket towers and slow towers do not need to be fully upgraded as well. Build the first splash tower at the bottom right corner before building all the slow towers, and the second one above it after all the slow towers.

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