C2. High Glaze

27 Aug

Objective: Survive 21 waves

I’ll start by saying that I found this level to by quite tricky. I think what initially threw me was trying to destroy the large pink blobs so I’d have more resources to build towers. This technique did not work for me.


I started by building a single cannon tower and upgraded it. You will have opportunities to destroy some of the smaller blobs but don’t focus too much on doing this, destroying the enemies are much more important and will require the attention of all your towers.


Next I built a second cannon tower and upgraded them both to maximum.


Then I built a laser tower as shown here. I then went about upgrading the laser tower.


I found that I also needed to build a scout tower to help destroy any of the small quick enemies that managed to get through past your cannon and laser towers.



With spare resources I then built a splash tower and another cannon tower.


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