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A7. The Bluffs (Hard)

Objective: Survive 22 waves

I found this level a little tricky at first. I’d almost got the solution for completing the level on hard, but I always seemed to lose a life along the way. So a special thanks to daluke for his tweeking suggestions that made this possible.

Start with a laser tower towards the bottom right hand corner. The first few waves contain weak enemies and the laser tower will have no problem is eliminating them.


Next build a cannon tower here. By the end of the level you’ll want to have destroyed all the ‘blobs’ for the extra resources and space. By placing the cannon tower here, you’ll be able to target a large portion of the towers at the top of the map. Start by targeting the largest blob.


Make sure to upgrade all the time and as soon as you can. In the moments you have between waves, destroy the blobs around you using the cannon tower.


Place your next cannon tower here as it will be able to target the three ‘blobs’ at the bottom of the map. Again, upgrade as soon as possible.





Build a splash tower but only upgrade it once. Use any additional resources to build another cannon tower towards the top of the map.




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