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D1. Apollo

Objective: Survive for 11 mins 40 seconds.

I’m sure that there are many ways to complete this level, but this way works for me.

Placing Splash Towers at the beginning will enable you to take the first few waves with little effort. I always say that if you can inflict the maximum damage at the beginning, then you can always use other towers to pick off the fast of hardy.


I made two lines of splash towers, then made sure that they were fully upgraded.


I then added a further two lines down each side. This ensures that there is a LOT of fire power concentrated into a tight kill zone at the beginning.


Another line of splash towers on the left and on the corners I places slow towers. This, in effect, extends your kill zone with your splash towers.


On the right hand side in the middle I placed a bunch of scout towers and slow towers. I placed them here to pick off those little quick enemies which are able to re-generate health in the later stages of the game.


I had some spare resources left over towards the end, so I built some rocket towers in the middle. I places them here on the hill as to extend their range and offer additional fire power for any of the more hardy enemies who might have slipped past the splash towers.



And that’s all there is to it. As this is a timed game you can increase your resources in the early waves by sending additional waves early. Be careful though later on in the game doing this, as you may not be able to stop the fast moving re-generator enemies from getting through.


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