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B6. Sol (Hard)

Objective: Stockpile 3000 resources

Laser towers cannot harm the pink blobs. But they can target them an fire at them as if they were able to cause harm. This level can be completed on hard by using this principle.

Start by placing a laser tower in the centre of the gap in middle of the blobs. Then target the pink blob to the left of the laser tower. The laser tower will then rapidly fire down the main line where then enemies enter the level.


As soon as you can, upgrade the laser tower. During this phase you may need to temporarily stop targeting the pink blob. This will be needed for you to eliminate three enemies which are able to get through.


Next, upgrade the laser tower to it’s maximum strength.


Build a cannon tower as shown below. You can use this tower to destroy the pink blob to the right of the laser tower. Next it’s all about timing. When you can eliminate the blob to the right of your laser tower. You made need to attack the tower over two separate waves. Once you’ve taken out this blob then make sure that you again target the blob to the left your laser tower.


Once you’ve taken out this blob, then you should build another laser tower and fully upgrade it.


Build slow towers where the enemies enter the level. This will help slow them down so the laser towers are able to get more shots off on them and cause them greater damage.


As the objective of this level is to stockpile 3000 resources, you need to start collecting them. Do this by building generators on the pink mist on the bottom right of the map.


Build 9 generators and start collecting resources.


Build more slow towers and start upgrading them.



If you find that enemies are still getting through past the laser towers then you should build a couple of splash towers as I’ve done. These will stop all enemies from getting by.




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