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D8. Dark Pool

Objective: Survive 65 waves

AfIter trying a few different ways of completing this level, without too much success I came across an simple way to ensure a flawless victory.

Splash towers. That’s it. That’s all you need.


Start by building a line of three towers. One advantage of building splash towers is that they also damage enemies nearby where their bombs land. This makes them useful against the small, fast moving enemies.


Upgrade your towers as soon as you can. You’ll need the extra fire power that the upgrades offer for when the more hardy enemies attack.


Get them fully upgraded. Then look at taking out some of the pink blobs above your towers. This not only gives you additional resources, but it also creates extra space.


Keep building towers and upgrade them as soon as you can.


Don’t stop building and upgrading the splash towers. The more you have, then the easier it will be for you to complete the level. I like to have all my splash towers together in a tight formation. This enables a “kill zone” to be created where multiple towers are firing near the same spot, this creates an area which will be deadly to all enemies who pass through.


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