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A4. Boulders (Hard)

Objective: Survive 23 waves

Again this level can be completed on hard by just using cannon towers. My technique was to build a long line of cannon towers with a couple of extra towers near the base to make sure that some of the more hardy enemies don’t get through.


Like I’ve discussed on other levels, I like to make sure that a tower is fully upgraded before building a second.






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A1. The Palisades (Hard)

Objective: Survive 20 waves

Here’s how to beat the palisades on hard.

I always play with the belief that one fully upgraded tower is better than two or three basic towers. It’s much more powerful, offers greater range and takes up less space.

You only have the option if using cannon towers on this level, so that’s all we’ll use.


Start by upgrading the cannon tower that is already placed at the beginning to the level.


Enemies slow down a little when the turn corners. By placing towers on (or near) corners you’ll be able to maximise their effectiveness. Build one tower at a time and only build another when your tower is fully upgraded.


Build another set of towers mirroring the first set you built. Again, build and upgrade one tower at a time. I built an additional cannon tower last, right near the base as a final insurance policy, should any of the quick moving enemies get through.


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C1. Snowcapped (Hard)

Objective: Survive 52 waves

I rarely use cannon towers, but I also like to keep things simple. This level can be completed by only using cannon towers. Although I have uploaded these pictures while playing on the easy setting, this also works when playing on hard.

Place your towers in as I’ve done below. When I played the map on hard I started placing my towers by the base and worked outwards in a symmetrical pattern.








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E7. Black Sand

Objective: Survive 170 waves

Before I start with a how-to guide let me give you the top tips for completing this level.

  • Use Generators
  • Use the default towers
  • Upgrade everything
  • Play the game on x1 speed
  • Pause when building towers and collecting resources from the generators

I’ll start by saying that the key to completing this level is all in collecting the resources on the far right hand side of the level, You’ll need the income to pay the way for your laser towers.

Start off by placing cannons in the bottom right corners with splash towers behind. Then start using generators on the far left, you’ll need them.

Once you’ve built all your generators start collecting the resources and upgrading everything, starting with the splash towers. Build a laser tower in the bottom right to shoot upwards.

Next I built splash, focus and a rocket tower on the bottom row. You’ll need these down here to stop the spawn enemies from getting through. Then I started a vertical line of focus towers and eliminated the pink blobs for extra resources.

Upgrade everything

Fill in the gaps with more splash towers. Keep them fully upgraded.

Some more fully upgraded splash and rocket towers in the middle.

… and that’s all there is to it.


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