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A5. Crystal Crag (Hard)

Objective: Survive 11 waves

I had to break my own rule to complete this level on hard. Normally I would always say that the most effective way of completing levels is to upgrade your towers before building others, when I tried this method, I failed.

The level can be completed by building three un-upgraded towers. It will take you to around wave 5 or 6 before you can build your second splash tower. If you are going to take out the pink blobs, then make sure that this doesn’t come above eliminating the enemies.




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A4. Boulders (Hard)

Objective: Survive 23 waves

Again this level can be completed on hard by just using cannon towers. My technique was to build a long line of cannon towers with a couple of extra towers near the base to make sure that some of the more hardy enemies don’t get through.


Like I’ve discussed on other levels, I like to make sure that a tower is fully upgraded before building a second.






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A2. River Ridge (Hard)

Objective: Survive 14 waves

Here is how to beat river ridge on hard.

Scout towers are the only tower available when choosing the default towers. You’ll only need 5 fully upgraded towers to beat this level on hard. Place your towers as I have done in the images below.






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A1. The Palisades (Hard)

Objective: Survive 20 waves

Here’s how to beat the palisades on hard.

I always play with the belief that one fully upgraded tower is better than two or three basic towers. It’s much more powerful, offers greater range and takes up less space.

You only have the option if using cannon towers on this level, so that’s all we’ll use.


Start by upgrading the cannon tower that is already placed at the beginning to the level.


Enemies slow down a little when the turn corners. By placing towers on (or near) corners you’ll be able to maximise their effectiveness. Build one tower at a time and only build another when your tower is fully upgraded.


Build another set of towers mirroring the first set you built. Again, build and upgrade one tower at a time. I built an additional cannon tower last, right near the base as a final insurance policy, should any of the quick moving enemies get through.


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C2. High Glaze

Objective: Survive 21 waves

I’ll start by saying that I found this level to by quite tricky. I think what initially threw me was trying to destroy the large pink blobs so I’d have more resources to build towers. This technique did not work for me.


I started by building a single cannon tower and upgraded it. You will have opportunities to destroy some of the smaller blobs but don’t focus too much on doing this, destroying the enemies are much more important and will require the attention of all your towers.


Next I built a second cannon tower and upgraded them both to maximum.


Then I built a laser tower as shown here. I then went about upgrading the laser tower.


I found that I also needed to build a scout tower to help destroy any of the small quick enemies that managed to get through past your cannon and laser towers.



With spare resources I then built a splash tower and another cannon tower.


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C3. Frosted Edge

Objective: Survive for 11 mins 40 secs

With the right fire power on the top horizontal line you can make short work of the attacking enemies.

Having two fully upgraded laser towers blasting down the line will destroy just about all the enemies coming at you.

I build three scout towers in the early stages if the game while I upgraded my laser tower.

I also used slow towers to help keep the enemies in the firing line of the laser towers.









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C5. Hailstone

Objective: Survive 8 waves

This is an easy level. You only need to build one rocket tower. Upgrade the cannon tower then upgrade the rocket tower until fully upgraded. These two towers are enough to defeat all the enemies.




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C1. Snowcapped (Hard)

Objective: Survive 52 waves

I rarely use cannon towers, but I also like to keep things simple. This level can be completed by only using cannon towers. Although I have uploaded these pictures while playing on the easy setting, this also works when playing on hard.

Place your towers in as I’ve done below. When I played the map on hard I started placing my towers by the base and worked outwards in a symmetrical pattern.








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D8. Dark Pool

Objective: Survive 65 waves

AfIter trying a few different ways of completing this level, without too much success I came across an simple way to ensure a flawless victory.

Splash towers. That’s it. That’s all you need.


Start by building a line of three towers. One advantage of building splash towers is that they also damage enemies nearby where their bombs land. This makes them useful against the small, fast moving enemies.


Upgrade your towers as soon as you can. You’ll need the extra fire power that the upgrades offer for when the more hardy enemies attack.


Get them fully upgraded. Then look at taking out some of the pink blobs above your towers. This not only gives you additional resources, but it also creates extra space.


Keep building towers and upgrade them as soon as you can.


Don’t stop building and upgrading the splash towers. The more you have, then the easier it will be for you to complete the level. I like to have all my splash towers together in a tight formation. This enables a “kill zone” to be created where multiple towers are firing near the same spot, this creates an area which will be deadly to all enemies who pass through.


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C4. Slate

Objective: Survive 19 waves

I’ve deleted the old images to this solution as my previous solution only worked on easy. This solution works on the hardest setting without losing a single life.


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