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A8. Montory Hill (Hard)

Objective: Survive 28 waves

This is the first level when you get to use the generator tower. The generator tower does not attack enemies, instead it collects resources for you to use. You place the generators on the glowing pink squares. Generators cost 100 resources, but they will give you back 300. They are a good investment, you should use them where you can.


Start by building a generator, and collect the resources. This will give you enough resources to build a cannon tower.


Build a tower in the top right hand side as below. When you can, eliminate the pink blobs to generator more resources.


Fully upgrade the cannon tower. It’s better to have fewer upgraded towers than having more un-upgraded towers.


Build another tower below the first. Upgrade it.


Build a laser tower as shown. This will fire down and take out lots of enemies as they enter the level.



Upgrade the laser tower and build another covering the path from left to right. Upgrade the towers once each. No more.


Start building cannon towers on the right. Upgrade them all. You’ll need to build these to take out stray enemies and for the boss on the final level.



Here is the final shot. This setup is enough to take out the final wave for the big boss.


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