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E5. Nailed (Hard)

Objective: Survive 53 waves

I normally like to use the default towers in order to complete a level. On this level I had to break my own rule and select focus towers.

Towers Used

  • Focus
  • Splash
  • Laser
  • Scout
  • Generator
  • Slow

To defeat this map I started with focus towers, these work great but other towers need to be built before the squids start coming.

Again, having flame towers at the very beginning will wipe off around 50% of the enemies health, making it easier

In order to fund some of the more expensive towers and pay for their upgrade you should use the generators on the pink mist in the bottom right. Generators cost 100 resources, but you’ll get back 300. Use them early on.

Finally I used laser towers. Their long range was invaluable during the last waves when you’re faced with wave after wave if squids, using laser and scout towers you’ll be able to fight them from a distance.



Building laser towers at the intersections will offer a large amount of fire power down the straights.


You may find it helpful to build a couple of splash towers in the upper right corner to ward off any quick moving enemies that happen to get past everyone else. This will help you complete the level without losing any lives.


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