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D7. Wedge

Objective: Survive 16 waves

Focus towers are the key to completing this level. You’re main enemy in this level is going to be the squids. The squids freeze nearby towers when hit so you’ll need a number of focus towers spaced out throughout the level so you’ll still be able to attack even if some of your towers are frozen.


Start by building focus towers in a “stair” formation.


I also built a scout tower at the top. You may need this in the early levels should your focus towers be frozen out.


Keep building focus towers. Try and spread them out a little


The longer a focus tower zaps an enemy, then the more damage it inflicts. By building lots of focus towers you’ll be able to have them target the enemies on the final wave.


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C4. Slate

Objective: Survive 19 waves

I’ve deleted the old images to this solution as my previous solution only worked on easy. This solution works on the hardest setting without losing a single life.


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D6. Descanso

Objective: Survive 10 waves

This level I found to be simple enough. Build and upgrade two rocket towers like the picture below. When you can, then upgrade your splash tower and scout tower. The splash tower will hurt the enemies enough so the rocket towers are then a one shot kill.



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D5. Grotto

Objective: Survive 9 waves

To complete this level I used 2 slow towers and four rocket towers. If you evenly space out the rocket towers they will be able to fire a constant stream of rockets down on the enemy. By using slow towers you’ll allow your rocket towers more time to fire on the enemy,




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D4. The Atrium

Objective: Survive 15 waves

For this level I figured that by placing the splash towers in the centre, that they would be able to hit enemies twice, on the way up and the way down,

Start by building two splash towers in the gaps between the pink mist. Build a generator on the mist.




Keep building generators until you have all three built.


Use the resources to upgrade the splash towers.


Build a flame tower at the beginning of the level, then upgrade it.


Build more splash towers in the middle and upgrade them. That’s all there is to it.


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D3. Caldera

Objective: Survive 19 waves

You’ll only need Rocket towers for this level, that’s it.

Start by placing your first Rocket tower near the base in the gap in the pink blobs. If you are quick; you’ll be able to destroy 3 blobs before the first wave hits you. Do it, you’ll need the resources.


By wave 4 you’ll be able to build another rocket tower in the upper right. Use this tower also to destroy the blobs.



Build another rocket tower near your base.


Build another one above the big blob and target the blob.


Build another rocket tower in the upper left. Use any remaining resources to upgrade your towers. Start with the nearest to where the enemies enter the map.


Keep upgrading in a clockwise pattern.


Upgrade, upgrade…. and….. upgrade.


With any free resources you have at the end, you might want to build a couple more rocket towers.


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D2. Barranca

Objective; Survive 6 waves

You only need to survive 6 waves to complete this level, but the enemies that come at you are hardy, To tackle them, start by using your resources to fully upgrade your rocket tower.


Then build a scout tower on the hill above the base. Upgrade the scout tower when you can.



With your remaining resources, build more rocket towers and upgrade them. The enemies will not get through.


Before the last wave came, I built a slow tower and upgraded it. This will slow the enemies down by half and allow your towers the time to destroy all enemies on the final wave.

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D1. Apollo

Objective: Survive for 11 mins 40 seconds.

I’m sure that there are many ways to complete this level, but this way works for me.

Placing Splash Towers at the beginning will enable you to take the first few waves with little effort. I always say that if you can inflict the maximum damage at the beginning, then you can always use other towers to pick off the fast of hardy.


I made two lines of splash towers, then made sure that they were fully upgraded.


I then added a further two lines down each side. This ensures that there is a LOT of fire power concentrated into a tight kill zone at the beginning.


Another line of splash towers on the left and on the corners I places slow towers. This, in effect, extends your kill zone with your splash towers.


On the right hand side in the middle I placed a bunch of scout towers and slow towers. I placed them here to pick off those little quick enemies which are able to re-generate health in the later stages of the game.


I had some spare resources left over towards the end, so I built some rocket towers in the middle. I places them here on the hill as to extend their range and offer additional fire power for any of the more hardy enemies who might have slipped past the splash towers.



And that’s all there is to it. As this is a timed game you can increase your resources in the early waves by sending additional waves early. Be careful though later on in the game doing this, as you may not be able to stop the fast moving re-generator enemies from getting through.


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E5. Nailed (Hard)

Objective: Survive 53 waves

I normally like to use the default towers in order to complete a level. On this level I had to break my own rule and select focus towers.

Towers Used

  • Focus
  • Splash
  • Laser
  • Scout
  • Generator
  • Slow

To defeat this map I started with focus towers, these work great but other towers need to be built before the squids start coming.

Again, having flame towers at the very beginning will wipe off around 50% of the enemies health, making it easier

In order to fund some of the more expensive towers and pay for their upgrade you should use the generators on the pink mist in the bottom right. Generators cost 100 resources, but you’ll get back 300. Use them early on.

Finally I used laser towers. Their long range was invaluable during the last waves when you’re faced with wave after wave if squids, using laser and scout towers you’ll be able to fight them from a distance.



Building laser towers at the intersections will offer a large amount of fire power down the straights.


You may find it helpful to build a couple of splash towers in the upper right corner to ward off any quick moving enemies that happen to get past everyone else. This will help you complete the level without losing any lives.


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E3. Grey Wolf

Objective: Survive for 11m 40secs

This level is one of the easier ones at the latter end of the game. I found it best on concentrate heavy firepower right at the beginning when the enemies first come out.

I also used slow towers to make sure that my firepower was used to best effect. Slow them down and let the heavy artillery do the work. Splash, Rocket and Focus towers bunched together worked a treat.






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